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Top 10 Lenders for Emergency Loans

Financial emergencies may hit at any given point. For that reason, it's good to prepare a list of backup solutions before you need them.

Alerus Financial

A great choice for those who need to borrow money quickly. They are based in North Dakota, with locations in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Their interest rates are competitive, and they offer a variety of options in terms of repayment.

Bank of Easton North Easton

Ideal if you want a more personal experience when borrowing money. They offer competitive rates, and they work with their borrowers to make sure they can repay their loan on time and avoid defaulting on it.

Hiawatha National Bank of Buffalo

If you want to borrow from a bank with a local presence in your community, Hiawatha National Bank of Buffalo is the right choice. Their branches make it easy to apply and get a flexible repayment plan.

Midamerica National Bank

Midamerica National Bank offers unsecured personal loans with low APR, no early repayment penalty, and flexible terms. They partner with you to find the right loan based on your needs.

Security National Bank of Omaha

A bank that has been in business since 1984 and offers personal loans at relatively low interest rates, with the option to prequalify online.

Varo Bank, National Association

A national bank that offers a personal loan product with a simple application process. Their personal loans have low interest rates and are designed to be paid off in 12 months.

Bank of Louisiana

A community bank that specializes in small business loans. They offer an unsecured personal loan product as well as secured home equity or vehicle loans.

DSRM National Bank

DSRM National Bank provides personal loans for almost any needs. They offer flexible payments with competitive interest rates and fast service.

Community National Bank in Monmouth

A locally owned bank that offers unsecured loans with competitive rates and terms. Their application process is quick and easy, opening opportunities for accessible loan products.

Bank of Desoto

With some of the most favorable terms on the market, Bank of Desoto provides good service and convenient emergency loans.